Tuesday, November 26, 2013

TODAY was Tuesday, TOMORROW is Wednesday

Now why didn't I know that earlier? :)

I spent the day thinking today was Wednesday and Tomorrow was Thanksgiving.  Ergo, I did a full day of Thanksgiving prep work so that I would be all ready for what I thought was tomorrow.

My crust-less "pie" is done.
My stuffing is ready to go into the oven when I roast the chicken.
My vegetable casserole is done.
My mash is done.
The base for the gravy is ready.
The apple/raisin/bleu cheese slaw is done.

Only roasting the turkey and stuffing remains and the making of the gravy as well as the re-heating of casserole and mash.

Only problem, I am a day too early. :)

Guess there is no excuse for not doing the laundry tomorrow, huh.  But give me time and I am sure I can find one. :)

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