Friday, June 30, 2017

Summing up June

Ok.  We went over budget and into the cushion this month.  But I stand behind what we bought and how much we spent.

Here are the specifics for the second half of the month:

What we bought:

CSA:  strawberries, snow peas, zucchini, rhubarb, lettuce,onions, radishes, cherries   $10
CSA:  strawberries, cherries, green peas, zucchini, kale, cucumber. $17.00

Aldi:  instant coffee (for iced coffee), Greek yogurt, prunes, onions, half and half, Worcestershire sauce, corned beef, pretzels,sugar, mayonnaise, garlic, peaches, honey, grapes, French baguette, eggs (3),   $36.50

Save a Lot:  steak (4), hotdogs. $5.73

Tops:  chicken breast( 5lb); tuna (4), Swiss cheese; pasta (9lbs); hotdog rolls; ice cream; eggs; frozen vegetables (9)  $29.07

Bread Store:  bagels, English muffins, maple cinnamon Monks bread.  $2.78

Whole Foods Co-Op:  Pomona pectin (for low sugar jam)  $4.79

Giant Eagle:  chobani yogurt, peach and raspberry tea (for lake)  $4.69

Dollar Tree:  onion powder  $1.00

CVS:  cereal (2)  $0.98

Price Rite:  fresh mozzarella $2.99

Aldi:  mandarins, plums, peaches, feta, blue, cheddar (2), mozzarella,Swiss, parmesan, pepperoni, cottage cheese, blueberries, prunes, half and half, shredded wheat, brats, Monterey Jack, pepper jack, cheetos, ice cream cones  $25.50

Giant Eagle:  corn (10)  $2.00

Tops:  strawberries(3 lbs.), blueberries, raspberries, tomatoes, ribs (2 slabs), chip dip, Oreos, orange juice, bbq sauce, paper towels, whole watermelon. $31.66

What we ate at home:

Mexican frittata;  beet greens and bacon salad; cheeseburger scalloped potatoes; homemade chicken Italian sausage with homemade applesauce and vegetable pancakes; marinated steak on the grill; leftover cheeseburger scalloped potatoes with salad and sauteed beet greens with feta;Pittsburgh style steak salad with brie and figs; homemade sausage pizza with peppers and olives; crockpot chicken and noodles; bratwurst; stirfry, fried rice and Chinese pancakes

Meals Out:

Lunch on way to beach house:  at Arby's. $8.20
Dinner at beach house:  Strombolie and chips. $13.50
Breakfast at beach house:  donuts. $4.75
Lunch at beach house:  Taco Bell $2.38
Lunch on war home:  KFC. $12.00
Breakfast after the Clinic:  sausage and egg wrap. $2.49
Lunch with Angela: Thai. $13.77

All told during the second half of the month we spent $168.69 in the grocery store and $57.09 in restaurants for a total of $225.78
For the month we spent a grand total of $374.39in the grocery store and$146.08 in restaurants.  The allover monthly total was $522.47.  That means we went into our cushion for a total of $153.17  Our cushion now sits at $307.25.

What did we buy/stock up on that justified going over budget and into the cushion:  eggs, steak, chicken breast, tuna, cheese, pasta, frozen vegetables, cereal, peanut butter, ground beef, bacon, corn, strawberries, ribs, and lots of other fruit.

Yes, I'll stand behind spending the extra money.  In the long run, it will save me money and allow me to serve better meals.  And really, that is what the cushion is for.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Make Green Your Favorite Color

Being thrifty saves money.
But it can also save Mother Earth.

Did you know there is about a 90 percent overlap between being green and being thrifty.  Do something to save some green and you're probably also being ecologically green.

If you buy less, less will probably end up in the landfill.
If you make your own cleaning supplies there's less packaging to go into the garbage.
If you buy used something new does not have to be manufactured for you.
If you cook from scratch your car will not have to be used as much since you won't always be heading to restaurants or picking up take out.
If you compost, your food scraps will feed you and your soil.

If you buy less, you will spend less.
If you clean with baking soda, vinegar and dishwashing liquid you will spend less not having to buy so many one purpose manufactured cleaners.
If you buy used items, some with the tags still on, you will save hundreds.
If you cook from scratch you will save a fortune in money, and also in calories.
If you drive less you will end up pumping fewer gallons of gas and more green will stay in your pocket.
If you make your own compost you won't have to buy anything to enhance your soil, or lug it home.

Small things can make both you and Mother Nature richer.

Saturday, June 24, 2017


As anyone who knows me would tell you, I am thrifty.  For example, today I bought $66 dollars worth of clothing for$3.66 at Penny's.

Some people think of thrifty as cheap.  I don't.  I think of it as making the best use of the resources you have.

Originally, the word thrifty actually corresponded to success and respectability.  It was a complimentary word.

It meant an individual was thriving and prosperous.

Recently, it has taken on a more negative connotation.  It makes someone seem poor and ungenerous.  Cheap.  Lacking in appreciation for quality.

I disagree with the modern connotations.

Thrift allowed us to retire early.
Thrift allowed and allows us to travel.
Thrift means we are able to be generous to others.
Thrift means we are not at all poor.

Want a good life?  Embrace thrift.

Friday, June 16, 2017

June So Far

June sees us with a budget of $369.30 and a cushion of $450.42.

We are able to add to the cushion due to a $10 off a purchase of $10 or higher Staples coupon.  So, our cushion is now $460.42.

We Ate:
Meatloaf sandwich with chips and dip, tuna macaroni salad and fruit, chicken fried rice and Asian peanut and almond salad, oyster stew and salad, sloppy Joe, shrimp crepes with asparagus salad, leftover oyster stew, mooshu pork and fried rice, leftover shrimp crepes and salad, Rotatouille pizza, beef and bean nachos, leftover pizza, hotdogs and baked beans with three bean salad, leftover smorgasbord.

We Bought:

Whole Foods:  vital wheat gluten, unsweetened coconut.  $4.54

Staples:  Dunk in Donuts coffee.  $11.99

Aldi:  Chips, dip.  $2.38

Cheezits, jerky, cold brewed coffee (2), Regalia coffee (2), decaf coffee, natural peanut butter (3), cashew butter, horseradish, sees me seeds, refried beans, hatch green chili enchilada sauce, tomato puree, spaghetti sauce, green beans, pancake syrup, Newman's balsamic vinaigrette, ketchup, microwave popcorn, rice a Toni, Mac and cheese, saltines, teabags, frosted mini cheats, crunchy and soft taco shells. $37.33

Tops:  6 pounds ground beef ( stocking up), Quaker poppers. $12.04

Aldi:  corn, grapes, cream cheese, strawberries, asparagus.  $ 7.67

Bakery Outlet:  wheat and oats bread, pumpernickel rye bread, whole grain English muffin, plain mini bagels.  $3.54

Tops:  cereal (5), bacon (5), orange juice.  $23.97

Save a Lot:  broccoli, cucumber, olives (2), ground turkey (2), tomatoes, romaine lettuce.  $12.54

Aldi:  flour, sweet peppers, peaches, oatmeal.  $7.52

Save a Lot:  dry milk. $7.99

CSA box:  $20  (the strawberries were wonderful)

Hopefully we are stocked up enough that we won't have to spend much the next couple of weeks.  We spent more than we should have this half of the month when you add in our too frequent restaurant meals.

Restaurant Meals:

Papa John's Pizza:  3 item large pizza after one of those days.  $8.47

Lunch with Angela: $22.64

Lunch with Bob and Berwyn:  $22

 Lunch to use free sandwich coupon:  $4.76

Lunch with Angela:  $15.32

Lunch with Dad and Sharon:  $15.80

Our groceries cost us a total of $150.61.  Eating out was another $88.99.  So, combined our cost to eat was $239.60 or a whopping$16 a day for the two of us.  And, we only have $129.70 left from the monthly allotment to get us through the next fifteen days.  I believe we will be literally eating into the cushion before the month is over.  Luckily, it is a healthy amount.