Sunday, October 23, 2016

Marmalade With A Surprise Ingredient

Yesterday Mike and I made a citrus marmalade.

We ended up with four full and one partial jar (that I have already tried on cornbread).

It was easy.

1orange and 1lemon, zested and then sectioned
2 pounds of the surprise ingredient, pureed in the food processor
5cups sugar
1tsp ground ginger

Pulse the sectioned fruit in the food processor
Put all the ingredients in a large pan
Cook down until the mixture jells
Put in jars

The surprise ingredient:  green tomatoes

No, it isn't green when cooked.
Yes, it looks liked marmalade traditionally looks.
Yes, it has a nice citrus taste.

A great use of end of the garden tomatoes.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Chipmunk Cheek

I have old teeth.
They are just about as old as I am, and that's not young.

I also had an old filling in a tooth.
Now I don't have the filling or most of the tooth.

But, unfortunately, the tooth broke off at the gum line.
And became infected.

I am on antibiotics and will have a preliminary appointment with the dentist on Thursday.
Did I mention I STRONGLY dislike dentists?

Life is so much fun.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Good News

My ten day Xrays showed everything is still in alignment.  YES!

I have a little nerve impingment in my hand so I have some exercises to do to hopefully correct the problem.

Meanwhile I have been enjoying the beautiful autumn weather.   Perfect for short but relaxing walks as you enjoy the changing leaf colors.

Tomorrow I am going to try the recumbent bike at the rec center. Hopefully my legs are not jarringly connected to my shoulder.  I am so looking forward to the ride.

I have also been enjoying cooking some new recipes.  Mike has to do the cutting and chopping since he doesn't trust me left handing sharp implements.  I'm a lot slower with my left hand but it helps the cabin fever.

Back to the surgeon for more Xrays at the end of the month.  Will keep you posted.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

September's Simple Savings

$3205.45 in total savings.

This was the month we spent a lot of accumulated points on items that should have cost us a lot of green.

We used points to purchase:

One way airline tickets back to the states
Hotel rooms using points
Free Starbucks drinks
Free breakfasts

We also saved money on train tickets using our two together pass.
We caredfor Susie for five days and saved the money a hotel would have cost us.
While we stayed with Susie we self-catered all our meals.

We also saved by

Reading free e-books
Getting extra savings from charity shops by buying the colored tag of the day
Taking advantage of senior discounts

With September's savings we have saved a total o $12,587.90 this year.
That averages $1398.66 per month.
A great month and a good year so far.
I'll definitely take it.

Saturday, October 1, 2016


My beautiful designer kitty.
I loved her fur's pinkish gray tint.
She was so delicate and such a little lady.
She will be missed.
RIP little girl.