Sunday, October 2, 2016

September's Simple Savings

$3205.45 in total savings.

This was the month we spent a lot of accumulated points on items that should have cost us a lot of green.

We used points to purchase:

One way airline tickets back to the states
Hotel rooms using points
Free Starbucks drinks
Free breakfasts

We also saved money on train tickets using our two together pass.
We caredfor Susie for five days and saved the money a hotel would have cost us.
While we stayed with Susie we self-catered all our meals.

We also saved by

Reading free e-books
Getting extra savings from charity shops by buying the colored tag of the day
Taking advantage of senior discounts

With September's savings we have saved a total o $12,587.90 this year.
That averages $1398.66 per month.
A great month and a good year so far.
I'll definitely take it.

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