Friday, October 11, 2013

Ezzy Doze It, Straight and Narrow, Wind in the Willows and more

We have our first day of boat shopping under our belt with at least one more to go and probably two.  We looked at quite a few in our size and price range and discovered they run the gamut from yuck to this could work. We have not found the one that speaks to both of us and has what we want such as a bow thruster, a generator, etc. So, the search goes on.

Where we are staying is near the canal and last night we wnt forraging in the bushes that line the canal bath and picked blackberries.  The hedge was full of them so I know that will be repeated a few more times.  I think I might make a cobbler.

Last night I made a chowder for supper along with apples and cheese.  It hit the spot after a day spent in and out of a light rainfall. 

We had to slow down yesterday to allow a quail to go trucking across the road as if she owned it.  We also took time to watch about six deer grazing in a field gleaning what the farmer had left behind. 

Mike took some pics for me to put up here as soon as I have a moment to figure out how.  Until then, I guess you must live in anticipation.

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