Monday, October 14, 2013

I Just Want to Celebrate!

We have a boat.  The Dobie Jade is to be our new home.
boat drawing
She is 57 feet long and was built in 2004.  Wonderful news : she has a portable washer and a small 4 cf freezer!  I am in heaven.  She sleeps 4 easily and could do another 1 or 2 with a little extra rearranging. There are covers for both the bow and stern, although you can only see the one for the stern in the picture, which makes those spaces more useable.  She also comes with the bike you see in the picture.
Here is a picture standing at the bow end looking toward the stern.
She is a little too "busy" for my taste but I will start changing that by changing the curtains.  That should make it more "soothing" to the eye.
I especially love the flooring since it will be much easier to keep clean and looks much richer to the eye than carpet throughout.
The circular "hole" You see by the seating is where a table fits in for eating.  It stores in the gunnels under the windows when not in use.

 boat photo
 This is the everyday table.  

Here is the solid wood stove with an eco fan on top to circulate the warm air that sits in the corner of the living room.  The radiators under the gunnel are fed from the boat's boiler as one way of heating and the stove is the other way.  Always good to have a backup if you don't want to freeze.
boat photo

The same is true of the hot water.  The boat's engine is the primary source when you are motoring but there is a backup immersion heater for when we are stopped. Hence, no need for cold showers.  Yeah!

 boat photo
 boat photo

  Here is my new kitchen.  It's compact but it is all there, including the beloved freezer.  You can just see the roof window in the kitchen that will provide more light and air flow when open.

boat photo
boat photo

Self explanatory.

boat photo
Here is a shot of our bedroom.  This will be the first time I can watch TV in bed but we won't have TV.  The laugh is on me.

boat photoThe curtain you see at the back of the picture is to keep drafts out.  It is at the bottom of the stairs to the stern area.

The grand tour is now at an end.  Hope you enjoyed your "stay" on the Dobie Jade.

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