Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Inside or Outside the Box?

Mike and I have been doing what we laughingly refer to as "The Farewell Tour."  During one visit I saw another view of myself that has had me thinking.  Apparently our quickly approaching adventure seems out of character for many who see us (especially me) as VERY inside the box.  The funny thing is I have never seen myself that way.

I have always felt outside the box in comparison to my generation.  I cooked from scratch, canned, made bread, sewed curtains and clothing, thrift store shopped, upcycled/recycled, etc. LONG before it became even somewhat the norm. To paraphrase an old country song, "I was frugal and eco before frugal and eco were cool."

Plus, I have always loved the idea of traveling.  There are so many places to see and not enough time to see them.  This part of our retirement is a dream come true.

And, it is almost here!  We leave for DC to visit kids and grandkids in about 48 hours. We are flying Virgin Atlantic nonstop from DC on Monday.  We will be staying in an apartment/house while we find the boat and get it ready for the water.  We have found one for sale that we both like and that is in our price range.  Hopefully it will be available once we get there.

My two checked bags are packed and weighed and come in at just under 50 pounds each.  I have my carry on and purse almost packed and I have my fingers crossed that the bag is under 23 pounds.  If not, wonder what stays home.

Mike has not packed yet but he is laying out what he hopes to take.  Max, however, keeps pushing it all off the table to the floor.  Apparently he does not approve of Mike's choices.  It could be a long Thursday for him. :)  

I am really starting to get excited now.  Can't wait to start.

An aside, I must apologize to those who so faithfully gave me addresses to send this to.  I had them just a few days ago and not they are AWOL.  Hence, the sending to work addresses.  If you resend the address to I will update my mailing group.  Also, I am still figuring out the ins and out of all of this blogging stuff.  Patience on your part will be required.  Please remember that I am technologically challenged.

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