Friday, October 11, 2013

Sarah D, Lady C and Dobie Jane

We saw more boats today and I hope this is soon over.  They are beginning to blend together.

Outside our rental door I took the time to look down :) and discovered a chives plant and a sage plant. I have dried some sage leaves and am wondering about the chives.  I have not like the results of either drying or freezing chives.  Any suggestions as to what I am doing wrong?

Tonight I tried my hand at making slightly alcoholic ginger beer.  If we like it that could be our tipple of choice. :)  Will keep you posted.

We are becoming experts at the roundabout that abound over here.  They would be a great way to teach a child how to count as you figure out whether to take the first, second or third exit off the roundabout.

Today getting to one marina we stopped at the GPS was a little frustrated and ended up just telling us we were driving on a road (very narrow and unpaved)  but she had no name for it.  And neither did we but we found the marina any way.

Tonight I made aubergine and kidney bean burgers for dinner.  In the US an aubergine = an eggplant.
They were quite good.

I have also done my second load of laundry.  The capacity of the washer is much smaller than I am used to BUT I can wash and dry the load in the same machine and I don't have to be home to do it. The machine does it automatically. :)

Hope everyone is well.  Remember you can send me a plain email at

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