Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Technology Day

Wednesday was all about getting our technology in place.  After breakfast (I made biscuits using self rising flour and single cream, so easy) we drove into Coventry to Cell Phone Warehouse. This store had been recommended to us.

Visa in hand, Mike ventured forth into the fray while I, a technology midget, sat in the car and did paperwork and crossword puzzles, with a break to walk across the street to get something to drink. Literally hours later, Mike returned with a Samsung Galaxy smart phone and monthly coverage plan. (Mike and the salesman THOROUGHLY explored the pros and cons of ALL available choices. :) )

The phone will also act as our needed hotspot on the boat to provide internet connectivity. It's a wonderful thing. I could be falling in love here. Now I can email and blog and stay connected with friends and family. :)  We have a plan heavy on data and light on calls which should suit us fine. I would tell you the new phone number but Mike hasn't given it to me yet. When he wakes up I will ask. I promise.

Once that was done we again went grocery shopping but at a different store this time. Their selection was better but their prices higher. I did, however, find some reduced produce and cheeses. Hopefully we are now set for several days.

After the shopping we ended up driving home in the dark, a new experience but accomplished without incident. Although, I noticed cocktails were served promptly but I am sure that was only because it was past 7:30. :)

We had beans and greens over pasta, garlic cheese biscuits and shortbread with sliced bananas. After dinner I made a loaf of Cuban bread which looked and smelled divine but I haven't tried it yet.

Thursday is day one of our boat shopping. Think good thoughts. I will keep you posted.

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