Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Physical For Emma John

Yesterday, while I was being snugly domestic, Mike and the BSS inspector were giving the Emma John a physical.  The systems as well as the physical structure were given a thorough going over to make sure everything was shipshape and Bristol fashion (to use an old British saying). :)

I am pleased to report that except for needing to secure a battery to the floor Emma John passed with flying colors.  The inspector was quite impressed with how well she had been outfitted and maintained.  So, with the luck of beginners, we managed to get a boat that was even better than we thought.  I much prefer that to the alternative. :)

However, Mike did come home cold and wet after a very long day of inspecting (10-4) and no lunch.  So, I brewed him a cuppa, warmed up some leftover pasta with sausage and blue cheese sauce and followed that with some ginger beer since we all know the warming power of ginger. :)

Later we had baked potatoes with all the fixings, oven roasted root veg with apples and some of the blackberry custard pie.  By bed time he was feeling back to his usual self.

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