Sunday, October 27, 2013

Quick, How many ounces in a cup?

If you answered 8 and live in England you would be WRONG.  Here, there are 10 ounces in cup and 20 ounces in a pint.

Gas over here is not gasoline, it is natural gas.
Gasoline is diesel or petrol.

Nappies are diapers.

A boot is a car trunk and not footwear.

Silverstone is a type of expensive beef and not a non-stick covering on your frying pans.

A jumper is a sweater.
Pants are ladies panties and trousers are what you talk about in public.

Chips are fries and crisps are our potato chips.

Treacle is molasses.
Sugar is either granulated, caster, icing or brown.

Corn starch is corn flour.
Cornmeal is coarse ground corn.
A swede is a turnip.

Washing soda is washing crystals and borax is NOWHERE to be found.
Dish washing liquid is washing up liquid.

Passata is spaghetti sauce.
Stock melts are boullion.

You can buy shredded beef suet in the store as well as cubes of lard.

And, you can also buy canned cod roe (which I have yet to figure out how I would use.)

And ASDA is the British branch of Walmart.

We only think we speak English. :)

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