Saturday, October 19, 2013

We Have Foraged Again

Today was a beautiful day with the temp outside being warmer than inside.  So, we took a walk along the canal path and harvested over a kilo of blackberries that are destined to become jam and syrup.  YUM!

While picking the blackberries we noticed that there were still some sloes in the hedgerow.  So, in the afternoon we were back harvesting a kilo of sloes that we will use to make sloe gin.  Sloes are of the plum family but they are mouth puckering bitter on their own. However, mixed with gin and sugar they blend to make a wonderful liquor that can be drank and used in many recipes.  Hence, two bottles to see us through the winter. I see sauces for meat, a Christmas pudding and some jelly in its future.

Yesterday I made some mustard for our thinly sliced ham and cheese sandwiches on homemade bread.  Quite nice.
For dinner we had homemade pizza with the homemade ricotta, onions and homemade italian sausage.  We really enjoyed our "junk food" meal.  And ended it with a blackberry custard pie.

I also started another batch of ginger beer. I find it quite tasty to sip in the evening and at only 1pound or about $1.60 per 2 litre batch it doesn't break the bank.  Bourbon here is about $25 for 3/4 of a litre.  Whiskey (scotch in the US) is about $30 for a litre. Drinking here can be quite expensive...unless you can make your own, such as my ginger beer. So we will leave the hard stuff for special ocassions and celebrations. :)

Another enjoyed beverage, my Starbucks sugarfree vanilla soy lattes, will be a very infrequent treat. When we bought one on our first day here we discovered that they are not the less than $5.50 drink I enjoyed in Erie but a $14.77 drink!  OUCH!  It will now be a VERY SPECIAL treat.  Unfortunately. :(

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