Sunday, December 27, 2015

2016 GOALS

1.  I will do another year of the compact:  buy used, reduce my carbon footprint, and save money while being environmentally friendly.

2. I will work on losing ten pounds:  the five that attached themselves while my walking was limited and the other five that has bee in residence much too long.
3. Out of curiosity, I will keep track of the money saved by buying reduced cost items.
I will not be counting things like the blazer I bought for $4.50 that still had the tags on it for $69  but I will be counting things like the shoes that were priced $ 9 and because they were pink tagged I got them half off for $4.50; the $5.81 I saved on white and yellow tagged items, etc.  I will also be keeping track of the savings on reduced to clear grocery items, etc.  For example, I recently took advantage of clearance deals at Approved Foods and saved an additional $30 off their usual low prices.  I also, thanks to a heads up from a blog I read, got a $5 gift card for free when we bought a $10 gift card for Starbucks.  Gasoline points earned at the grocery store that ended up giving us 20 cents off per gallon and saved us $2.67 on our fill up will also be counted.
The $10 we saved by driving about thirty minutes more, although we stayed in the same chain of hotels, would also be counted.  Such things are so easy but just these few items that I gave as examples above saved $57.98 extra in just a few days.  It will be interesting to see what a year of such savings adds up to.

4. I will try to walk 10,000 steps a day or 70,000 per week. This will let me see what my new knees are up to and help lose that weight I mentioned earlier.

5.  I will continue to try to make homemade gifts for gift giving occasions.  I love the feeling of giving things I took the time to make and to put my love into.

6. I will work on reducing my caffeine and salt consumption and stop eating anything with artificial sweeteners or carbonation.  Can we say osteopenia?

Saturday, December 26, 2015


Loves all things star wars.

Has a vivid imagination.

Takes being a big brother very seriously.

Won't admit he might need a nap but will take a quiet time.

Has a sweet tooth.

Likes to tease.

Sometimes is shy.

Can write his and his sister's names.

Is learning some sight words.

Loves Friday because it is vending machine day and for a quarter and a piece of cash money (his words) he can buy pretzels for snack.

Only likes shirts with pictures on them.

Has a favorite and oft used phrase:  "Oh brother! (Sigh)"

Makes you smile even if you've had a bad day.

What more could we ask for in a dearly loved grandson.


My beloved granddaughter is a real charmer with an infectious grin and laugh.  Our recent visit provided so much joy.

  As one of her t-shirts says:  She be little but she be fierce.

If asked "Is that for you Emma?"  She willrespond "That's for me, Emma."

When she falls she usually quickly responds with "I'm all right."

She :

         is often seen dragging a footstool around so that she can climb up to play the different Hallmark musical figures.  She loves music.

         loves to put her baby to bed in her doll bed and finishes the process by saying "Good night, sleep tight, don't let bed bugs bite."

          dances a jig when excited.  And she is often excited.

          can shatter windows with her voice when frustrated.

          loves to frost sugar cookies and help mommy in the kitchen.

          loves her grandpa and knows she has him wrapped around her little finger.

          loves to constantly take her socks off.

          takes her job of helping to feed the dog very seriously.

           will repeat whatever you say.

          dislikes cauliflower or broccoli but does like carrots and bread with butter.

          has a smile to melt your heart and a devilish twinkle in her eye.

          will not even consider the possibility she cannot do something once she has set her heart on doing it.  Emma do!

          never walks if she can run.

          knows that she is 2, that her brother is 4, and that her daddy is 42.   However, if asked she will tell you that her mommy is also 2.

          always wants to (fill in the blank) just like John.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

A Blessed and Merry Christmas

                    EMMANUEL.                   Peace.                      Joy.               Noel

                     Angel.                                     Bethlehem.                   Shepherd          Maji

Mary.               Rejoice.                 Manger.                  Star.                     Exaltation

Gifts.                                      Mercy.                                      Holy.                          Myrrh

               Gold.                             Frankincense                               Wonder

Savior                                                   Divine.                                           CHRIST

I hope all of you have a Christmas full of the things that make Christmas SO special.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Getting Into The Spirit Of The Season

At Christmas we celebrate receiving God's greatest gift:  his son who is the light of the world.

In keeping with the spirit of the season, I love to decorate with white lights and candles in the windows signifying our welcome to any and all just as we welcome the birth of Jesus.

I also enjoy the giving of gifts to family, both biological and those of the heart.

But I also tremendously enjoy giving to those less fortunate. How better to express the the season? This year I crocheted almost twenty hats, scarves and cowls designed to help others stay warm and to remember that even in today's world people care and they are not alone.

I also love to listen to the carols and watch the classic movies of the season.  They fill my heart with joy, love and peace.

Let us all pray that these emotions enter the hearts of everyone and remain throughout the year.

Wouldn't that be the perfect gift for all?

Monday, December 14, 2015

Observations on Trees

We were on the road this weekend traveling to and from New York state for Mike's family Christmas party.  When I wasn't crocheting I had fun observing the now leafless trees.

Some of them are so beautifully balanced and look like majestic kings or queens of the forest.

Some, usually due to the intervention of man, are anything but symmetrical with one side butchered of its beauty to allow power or phone lines ease of passage.

Others have become gracefully intertwined with their neighbors. One for all against whatever nature has to throw at them.

Then there are the ones that grow straight and true towards the heavens above.

But, let us not forget the older arthritic trees that have withstood the ravages of time and still stand proudly awaiting whatever else life has in store for them.

All have their beauty and a lesson we can learn if only we take the time to do so.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Week Eleven


This was the week of the cold.  I sneezed and coughed my way through the days.  I created snow banks of tissues.  And when I spoke my voice was so deep and throaty I sounded like a bad impersonation of Lauren Bacall.

Consequently, I ended up missing two days of therapy. There goes my perfect attendance pin.  Drat.

On the plus side, I crocheted several hats, cowel neck warmers, hats and scarves to be donated to make this Christmas warmer for others.  It also helps to make my Christmas brighter.

Our little cottage is quite Christmassy with lights, candles, a small tree, and two hastily made stockings to hang. Because it just wouldn't be Christmas otherwise.

I am doing therapy five days this week to make up for last week so it is off to therapy I go.