Wednesday, November 25, 2015

130 Degrees!!!

My physical therapist measured how well my knees bend today and I am at 130degrees!!!  I am pumped.

Last week a friend and I went to a performance of the local youth theater, I baked holiday breads and pies with friends, I made fudge and holiday breads by myself and did some more crocheting.  A good week.

Tomorrow Mike and I will enjoy Thanksgiving with friends. And I remember when our foreign exchange student from Thailand described Thanksgiving as a holiday built around the idea of overeating. LOL!

I hope your Thanksgiving brings you feelings of gratitude and love of family and friends.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Oops and an Update at Week Nine

I don't know how, but I forgot to tell you that I have been walking without a cane since week six.  I found myself constantly walking away from it without thinking.  The obvious conclusion was that I no longer felt I needed it.  So, I hung the cane up and haven't used it since.

I also graduated to using five pound weights when doing my pool therapy.  It made my legs very tired when I first started but got easier with time, as most things do.  In fact, the therapist thought it had gotten so easy that I have been kicked out of the pool and will once again do all of my therapy on land.  As the therapist said, now the torture begins.  She was just kidding, I hope.

I am now riding the stationary bike as part of the therapy to get the knees to bend and to build us strength and stamina.  I ride it at therapy and on the days I don't go there Mike and I go into Gannon and I ride one of their stationary bikes.  I am up to 20 minutes at a time and I try to add 5 minutes every week.

I tried to use the Gannon pool for doing some of my exercises but the water was just too cold.  It turned the scars blue and made the knees ache, a good sign it was not for me.  So, we moved on to plan B and I now walk the track.  I have made 7 times around and hope to make 10 soon.

For "occupational therapy" I have been making ricotta, Italian sausage, crepes, brownies, cookies and apple butter.  I have also cooked down a pumpkin in preparation for making pies and pumpkin bread. I really love this type of "therapy" and so does Mike.

Of course, I have been crocheting and enjoying the Starbucks seasonal coffees.  Life is good.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Week Seven

Today we hit week seven post op. And here is where I am:

  • I can now get into and out of the car without having to slide or scoot
  • I can stand up from the side of the bed and look mom, no hands needed to push off
  • I can sit in a chair for an hour without squirming because it hurts to have my knees bent that long
  • I can ride in a car for an hour at a time
  • I can sleep on my tummy, the room is much quieter now
  • I went salvage shopping with a friend and then out to lunch
  • I rode an hour and took a friend out to lunch for her birthday
  • I am learning to balance on one foot, something I haven't been able to do for decades
  • I had a good checkup with the surgeon
  • I have started putting vitamin E on my scars to try and minimize them, no I'm not at all vain