Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Week Seven

Today we hit week seven post op. And here is where I am:

  • I can now get into and out of the car without having to slide or scoot
  • I can stand up from the side of the bed and look mom, no hands needed to push off
  • I can sit in a chair for an hour without squirming because it hurts to have my knees bent that long
  • I can ride in a car for an hour at a time
  • I can sleep on my tummy, the room is much quieter now
  • I went salvage shopping with a friend and then out to lunch
  • I rode an hour and took a friend out to lunch for her birthday
  • I am learning to balance on one foot, something I haven't been able to do for decades
  • I had a good checkup with the surgeon
  • I have started putting vitamin E on my scars to try and minimize them, no I'm not at all vain

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