Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Oops and an Update at Week Nine

I don't know how, but I forgot to tell you that I have been walking without a cane since week six.  I found myself constantly walking away from it without thinking.  The obvious conclusion was that I no longer felt I needed it.  So, I hung the cane up and haven't used it since.

I also graduated to using five pound weights when doing my pool therapy.  It made my legs very tired when I first started but got easier with time, as most things do.  In fact, the therapist thought it had gotten so easy that I have been kicked out of the pool and will once again do all of my therapy on land.  As the therapist said, now the torture begins.  She was just kidding, I hope.

I am now riding the stationary bike as part of the therapy to get the knees to bend and to build us strength and stamina.  I ride it at therapy and on the days I don't go there Mike and I go into Gannon and I ride one of their stationary bikes.  I am up to 20 minutes at a time and I try to add 5 minutes every week.

I tried to use the Gannon pool for doing some of my exercises but the water was just too cold.  It turned the scars blue and made the knees ache, a good sign it was not for me.  So, we moved on to plan B and I now walk the track.  I have made 7 times around and hope to make 10 soon.

For "occupational therapy" I have been making ricotta, Italian sausage, crepes, brownies, cookies and apple butter.  I have also cooked down a pumpkin in preparation for making pies and pumpkin bread. I really love this type of "therapy" and so does Mike.

Of course, I have been crocheting and enjoying the Starbucks seasonal coffees.  Life is good.

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