Thursday, June 30, 2016

June's Simple Savings


So, how did we save this month without negatively affecting our lifestyle?

Here is a list of the little things we did that added up to some significant savings in June:

Cottage rent savings on Prince Edward Island because we vacationed there during the shoulder season
Taking advantage of the Marriott friends and family rate (our last opportunity to do so)
Redeeming two free nights of hotel stays ( one hotel was really posh )
Two free donuts on donut day
Lots of free e-books
Discounted groceries
Free pizza that came with a groupon
Less expensive gas by using Gas Buddy
Discounted tag items at Goodwill
Free hotel breakfasts
Arby's coupon discounts
Self catering while on vacation (a very conservative estimate)
Military discount
Earned free coffee at Starbucks

In the first half of this year our simple savings has totaled $7464.62 for an average per month savings of $1244.10.

I'll take it.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Rehoboth Beach House Fun

We have spent the last several days at DD2's new beach house in Rehoboth.

 The first couple of days they were here with us.

 The highlights for me were:

          Having my grandson confide that he hoped the painter would paint dinosaurs on the walls

         Watching my granddaughter dance all around the empty living room

          Getting a very serious tour of the house room by room from my grandson with granddaughter chiming in as the spirit moved her

          Playing Disney Cruise Ship  (can you tell they enjoyed their vacation this spring?)

          Holding little hands in parking lots so they could keep grandma safe

          Lots of hugs, kisses, giggles and excited chatter

          And granddaughter informing me she likes cherries after seeing one in my cocktail (and no, she didn't get it, she got cherry yogurt instead)

The last few days we have been here working on a daddy do list of taking down lights, etc. in preparation for the painter.

It is nice still being able to help your grown up child.

Today we head back to Erie and next week is the lake with Mike's family (and the grandbabies.)

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Campobello and Old Sturbridge Village

We took a couple of side trips on our way home from Prince Edward Island.

The first was to Campobello Island, the summer home of the F.D. Roosevelt family.  Franklin spent all his summers here from the time he was one until he contracted polio as an adult.  Afterwards he spent less time here but always considered it one of his favorite places.  Eleanor continued to visit up to the summer before her death.

Here the family led a relaxed life of swimming, boating picnics and hikes in a home that reflected this casual lifestyle. F.D.R.'s children always looked back fondly on the time spent with their parents on the island. I can see why. The House feels like a true home, ready to have the family return at any moment .

We also visited Old Sturbridge Village, a living historical village of New England life in 1838.  I find it fascinating to see the many skills expected of a woman in that time period: General house keeping, drying foods, smoking foods, pickling foods, making cheese, making cloth, braiding hats, dying wool, sewing clothes, and the list goes on.  No problem sleeping at the end of the day.

I would love to try my hand at all of them but would hate to have my very life, and the lives of my family depend on my mastery of all these skills.  We might be in trouble.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Prince Edward Island

We have had a relaxing if damp and chilly time on the Island and we begin our slow progress back to Maryland today.

 While here we have visited the house that was the inspiration for Green Gables in the Anne of Green Gables series of books by Lucy Maud Montgomery.  The house used to belong to a family member but is now part of the PEI Park System.  It has been beautifully restored to reflect the time period of the Anne books.  I loved going through it and taking in all the small domestic details of the era, including the five mice mouse trap. As you might have thought, I am now re-reading the books.

We also visited an artisan cheese place and bought some cumin spiced gouda to enjoy.  Me and cheese, I can never walk out empty handed.

Then we visited a dairy that makes its own butter, cheese and award winning ice cream.  I bought some of their award winning cheddar (on sale), we shared a coconut cream ice cream cone in a homemade delicious waffle cone, and I found gifts for the grandbabies.

Yesterday we took a tour of a small batch distillery and purchased some of their gin for Mike.  He really enjoyed the sample they gave him.  I tried an anise liquor but we did not purchase any of that.

The rest of the time we spent parked looking at the beautiful seashore in several different locations, driving around the island taking in the scenery and stopping into thrift stores where I found, you guessed it, more yarn.  So, I have also been crocheting and it will keep me busy during the many driving hours to Maryland.

Today we are off to St. Andrew's, New Brunswick.  Will check back in later.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Go Fish

This morning that was the game of choice with the grandbabies. Grandson has a grasp of the rules. Granddaughter will just give you her matching cards when she hears what is being requested.  Generous little thing.

Before that we watched the Wiggles and Animal Mechanical. A whole new group of popular characters and shows to learn.

Last night, as she was heading up to bed, granddaughter sent grandpa and me to bed.  I guess what is good for her is good for us. No real arguments here.

Today is grandson's graduation from preschool. I know he is ready for kindergarten but I don't know if I am ready. He is growing up faster than I would wish. But that is life I guess.

We had a great time in Erie catching up with friends and family. The time there went too fast too. But we'll be back in September to see everyone again and I am already looking forward to it.

Tomorrow we begin our trip to Prince Edward Island and all things Anne of Green Gables. Won't Mike have fun.

Check back soon.