Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Rehoboth Beach House Fun

We have spent the last several days at DD2's new beach house in Rehoboth.

 The first couple of days they were here with us.

 The highlights for me were:

          Having my grandson confide that he hoped the painter would paint dinosaurs on the walls

         Watching my granddaughter dance all around the empty living room

          Getting a very serious tour of the house room by room from my grandson with granddaughter chiming in as the spirit moved her

          Playing Disney Cruise Ship  (can you tell they enjoyed their vacation this spring?)

          Holding little hands in parking lots so they could keep grandma safe

          Lots of hugs, kisses, giggles and excited chatter

          And granddaughter informing me she likes cherries after seeing one in my cocktail (and no, she didn't get it, she got cherry yogurt instead)

The last few days we have been here working on a daddy do list of taking down lights, etc. in preparation for the painter.

It is nice still being able to help your grown up child.

Today we head back to Erie and next week is the lake with Mike's family (and the grandbabies.)

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