Monday, July 29, 2019

Quarterly Clothing Expenses: April - June

April:  nothing


Sandy:  5 pairs of pantyhose for $3.27.   66cents/pair at a charity shop

Sandy summer shoes  $15  Payless


Sandy:  three tops for $13.27 at a thrift store.  Average of $4.42/top

$31.54 Three Month Total

Monthly Average:  $10.51

Women obviously need more clothes than men.  :)

Friday, July 26, 2019

Quarterly Food Expenses April -June

April Total:  $130.08
May Total:  $196.73
June Total:  $170.39

Grand Total:  $497.20

Monthly Average for the Quarter:  $165.75
Remember, this includes meals at home and in a restaurant.

Our quarterly number is $2.73/day/person

Monday, July 22, 2019

M&M Salvage Near Middlefield, Ohio

This is a smaller salvage and I now have fewer holes in my stockpile to fill.  I did, however, find a few things to buy.

Apple sauce, 108oz (2)@$2.88
Cream of chicken soup (8)@$0.49
Cilantro cubes  $0.75
Velveeta, 2#  $4.69
Vanilla and hazelnut coffee, 24 oz total@$5.00
Peaches , 29 oz.(3)@$0.99
Atkins bars (2)@$3.50
Peas (3)@$0.33
Corn (3)@$0.33
Yams (3)@$0.33
Canned chicken (3)@$0.69
Canned ham (3)@$0.75
Sauerkraut (2)@$0.59
Ketchup (3)@$0.69
Horseradish sauce. $0.99
Newman's Own honey Apple cider salad dressing  $0.50


Friday, July 19, 2019

Southside Bent and Dent Near Middlefield, Ohio

On to our third Salvage.  I did quite well here.

Annie's toaster pastries (4) @ $0.35 each (a birthday treat for me)
Shelf stable crean, 12oz.  (4)@$0.29
Old fashioned oatmeal (2)@$0.99
Potato Kugel mix  $0.79
Kashi cereal  $0.99
Multigrain Chex (2)@$1.50 (for Chex mix)
Cheerios  $1.50
Coffee, 30 oz @$3.98
Apple bars (2)@$0.25
Domino sugar (2)@$1.59
Breakfast flats(6)@$0.45 (good for dessert)
Spaghetti sauce  $0.69
Canned pinto beans $0.25
Canned canellini beans $0.39
Kashi multigrain crackers (2)@$0.25
Grits $0.19
Peach slices (2)@$0.59
Pineapple rings $0.59
Diced tomatoes, 28oz.(2)@$0.50
Salsa (2)@$0.79
Triscuits  (2)@$0.40
Apple sauce, for Apple butter, 3# (2)@$1.89.
Sweet chili sauce $0.49
Self rising flour  20# @ $0.10/# (so excited to find this)
Tomato sauce(4)@$0.25
Cream of mushroom soup(4)@$0.49
Italian seasoning grinder (2)@$0.79 (so much better in the grinder)
Gel food coloring  $0.49
Glad oven ware XL  set of two  $1.99
Ocean Spray whole cranberry sauce (2)@$0.29
Cocktail sauce $0.29
Jiffy Pie Crust mix (8)@$0.12
Canned black beans (2)@$0.25
Canned great northern beans (2)@$0.39
Yams $0.25
Spinach $0.25
Beets $0.25
Gallon red wine vinegar  $1.49
Red pepper strips, 102 oz  $0.99
Refried beans, 112 oz (2)@$0.49 NOT a typo
German potato salad 51 oz  $1.59
Dry black eyed peas  $0.79/#
Dry red kidney beans 4#@$0.80/#
Shelf stable whole milk (8)@$0.35
Caramel chips (2)@$0.99
Egg noodles (2)@$0.69
Pesto sauce mix (5)@$0.10
Toothbrush, set of 2 for $0.40
Bandaids (2)@$0.79

Total:  $64.16

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

July 1-15 And The Meal Plan

Sloppy Joes; grilled hamburgers

Low Meat:
Spinach salad with bacon, egg and cheese;  mixed greens with tuna and egg salad and cottage cheese; Mexican salad; leftover sauerkraut, hotdog and cheese casserole; pork fajita; seafood risotto

Cheesy manicotti; Vegetarian pot pie; Mexican been omelette

Meat:  2
Low Meat:  6
Vegetarian:  3

The missing days were leftovers.

Buying and Eating: July 1-15

Allocation:  $369.21
Cushion:  $695.42

What We Ate:
Sloppy Joes, green beans strawberries and blueberries; spinach salad with bacon,egg and cheese/; salad greens with tuna and egg salad and cottage cheese, side of cantaloupe; grilled hamburgers, cantaloupe, kale; Mexican salad, cheese quesadilla; leftover sauerkraut and cheese and hotdog casserole with oven baked zucchini;  leftovers; cheesy manicotti;Vegetarian pot pie and beets; pork fajita, refried beans, bananas; Mexican bean omelette; two types egg rolls , crab rangoon, green soy beans, fruit; assorted leftovers; seafood risotto

What We Bought:

Price Rite:  elbow macaroni(2), green pepper , low carb tortillas $6.98

Salvage Grocery Number One:  triscuts (2), rice milk (3), dry red beans (1#) pinto beans (2#), popcorn cakes (2), white shops wheat flour (15#), ground coffee (4.5#), carnation evaporated (6), Kraft macaroni and cheese (3), sunflower seeds (2#), organic brownie mix (2), canned pinto beans (4), albacore tuna (34 oz.), Croutons Ghiradelli chocolate (7 oz) quinoa, green chili sauce with chicken (4), applesauce (2), green beans (7 on 3.5 oz), coriander paste (2), ginger paste, green chili paste, Tabasco peppers   $ 35.45

Aldi:  salsa, carb bars, cheese and egg spaetzle, cottage cheese, blueberries  $10.05

Bread Store:  everything bagels, multigrain breas, raisin cinnamon English muffins  $2.86

Save a Lot:  bananas, peaches, plums, nectarines, Italian sausage (3#), potatoes (10#)  $12.46

Aldi:  crab rangoon, mini egg rolls (2 types), edemame, baby Bella mushrooms, strawberries, milk chocolate (2)  $14.42
The Asian food was for my birthday dinner.

Salvage Grocery Number Two:  blue cheese dressing ketchup (2) salsa (2), diced tomatoes, tomato paste, refried beans, corn, diced fire red tomatoes, spinach, rotel (3), enchilada sauce, albacore tuna, curry paste, cream of broccoli soup, cheddar cheese soup, Jello pudding (2), evaporated milk (2), beef broth (2), Zesta crackers (2), Ritz crackers townhouse crackers, oyster crackers, poptart crisps, onion soup mix, low fat milk (3), pecans (2), salad dressing (3), Knorr skillet meals (5), coffee (4#), caramels, Kraft deluxe macaroni and cheese (4), stove top (3), brown and serve rolls, dried cranberries(3),  milled flax seed, sage, cumin, sure jell (2), Atkins bars, Atkins drinks   $43.25

Salvage Grocery Number Three:  toaster pastries (4), shelf stable cream (4), oatmeal (2), potato Kugel mix, Kashi cereal, multigrain Chex (2), Cheerios, coffee (30oz), Apple bars (2), sugar (2), breakfast flats (6), spaghetti sauce, canned pinto beans, canned cannellini beans, Kashi multigrain crackers (2), grits, peach slices, pineapple rings, diced tomatos (2), salsa (2) triscuits (2), Apple sauce 3# (2), sweet chili sauce, self rising flour (20#), tomato sauce, cream of mushroom soup(4), Italian seasoning grinder(2), gel food coloring, cranberry sauce(2), cocktail sauce, pie crust mix(8), canned black beans, canned great northern beans, yams, spinach, beets, red wine vinegar(gal), red pepper strips, refried beans, German potato salad, dry black eyed peas (#), dry red kidney beans(4#), shelf stable whole milk(8), caramel chips (2), egg noodles (2), pesto sauce mix (5). $60.20

Salvage Grocery Number Four:  apple sauce  108 oz (2), cream of chicken soup (8), cilantro cubes, Velvetta (2#), vanilla and hazelnut coffee, peaches(3), Atkins bars (2), peas(3), corn (3), yams(3), canned chicken(3), sauerkraut (2), canned ham (3), ketchup (3), horseradish sauce, salad dressing  $42.17

Cheese Co-op:  about 11 pounds for $2.59/pound  $27.36

Total Groceries:  $255.20

I have been working on filling gaps in my stockpile.  I just feel the urge to do so.

Eating Out:
Lunch at Mary Yoder's  $23.29

Total Eating Out:  23.29

Grand Total:  $278.49

Remaining Monthly Allocation:  $90.72

Saturday, July 13, 2019

J and K Bent and Dent Near Middlefield, Ohio

In the continuing quest to fill in gaps in my stockpile, we went salvage grocery shopping near where we are now camping.  Our first stop was at J and K.  I found some decent bargains.

Jars of Mincemeat (for a pie for my dad and some bars  (2)  $1.25
Blue Cheese dressing   $0.50
Ketchup  (2)  $0.50
Salsa (2)  $0.50
Diced tomatoes $0.59
Tomato paste, 12 oz.  $0.49
Refried beans, corn, fire roasted diced tomatoes, spinach, rotel tomatoes (3), and enchilada sauce  4/$1     $2.00
Albacore tuna. 12 oz.   $1.29
Curry paste  10 oz.    $0.50
Cream of broccoli and cheddar cheese soup  $0.59 each.    $1.18
Jello pudding (2)   $0.39 each  $0.78
evaporated milk (2)  $0.50
Beef broth  (2).  $1.18
Zesta crackers (2)   $2.00
Ritz crackers (2)   $0.78
Townhouse crackers  $1.00
Oyster crackers.  $0.75
Pop tart crisps   $0.75
Onion soup mix   $0.99
Shelf stable low-fat milk (3).  $0.75
Pecans (2) for holiday pie  $3.00
3 salad dressing      free!
Knorr skillet meals  (5)  $0.50
Coffee, 4# at $2.99/#   $11.95
Kraft caramels.    $1.50
Kraft deluxe macaroni and cheese (4)   $1.00
Stove Top  (3).     $0.30
Dozen brown and serve rolls   $0.25
Dried cranberries  (3)  $1.50
Milled flax seed  12 oz.      $0.99
Sage and cumin    $1.00
Sure jell (2)    $1.00
Atkins bars  (2 boxes).  $3.00
Atkins drink  (4 pack)  $2.99

Total Spent :    $44.75

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

June Personal Care and Household Expenses

Personal Care:

Mike haircut  $9
Sandy haircut $11
Toothpaste  $1


Bowl covers (2 boxes)  $2.12
kabob skewers  ( 100)  $2.12
Small oven sheet pan $3.12

TotalPersonal Care:$21
Total Household: $7.36

Both are under our goal amounts.  :)

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Salvage Shop Number One Near Greenville, PA

We are camping and I decided to try out a salvage grocery near the park.  Prices are rising but I still found some bargains.  You have to be very careful and selective.  We spent $35.45 in total.

Here is what we bought:

Triscuits          2 boxes.         $1.00
Popcorn cakes.         2 boxes.         $1.50
Rice milk.         3           $1.00
Dry red beans.         Pound.         $0.75
Dry pinto beans.         2 pounds.        $ 1.50
White whole wheat flour.      15#       $3.00
Ground coffee.         4.5 #        $10
Carnation evaporated milk.    6.     $ 3.00
Kraft macaroni and cheese     2.     $1.00
Sunflower seeds       2#           $2.00
Organic brownie mix.    2          $1.00
Canned pinto beans.        4.         $1.00
Albacore tuna.          34 oz.            $4.10
Croutons                                           $0.80
Ghirardelli chocolate.        7 ounces.     $2.00
Quinoa               14 oz.             $1.00
Green chili sauce with chicken   4        $1.00
Apple sauce.         2.            $1.20
Green beans.         7 lb 3.5 oz            $3.05
Coriander paste.         2              $0.50
Ginger paste            10.58 oz.      $0.25
Green chili paste.    10.58 oz.     $0.25
Tabasco peppers.      6 oz.           $0.50

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Frugal Things In June

1.  More yarn, this time from Goodwill, at 50% off.  Sometimes I can't find any and other times I get so lucky!

2.  After 40 years for the dryer and 22 years for the washer, it was time to replace them.We bought the replacements in a 40% off sale and received an additional 10% military discount.  All told, we saved $556.10.  Then we paid with gift cards that earned us $2.40 off per gallon.  That will save us another $72.  $628.10 remains in our bank account because of a few simple steps.  I'll take it.

3.  We saved an extra $22 by paying a bill with cash.

4.  We live within the city limits.  The city did a grant program for beautification of the outside of your home.  We applied and received a grant for 50% of the cost of having our house painted.  $2500 saved.

Monday, July 1, 2019

June And The Meal Plan (14 days)

Vegetarian:  macaroni and cheese; baked potatoes; augratin potatoes; three cheese pizza with onion and olive

Meat:  kielbasa; pork chops; kielbasa on rolls with vegetarian split pea soup; sloppy Joes;  marinated beef chunks; meatballs with spaghetti squash and sauce; Spaghetti squash carbonara; hotdogs, cheese and sauerkraut

Low Meat:  BLT salad; mixed berry tossed salad with cheese and nuts and meat

Vegetarian:  4
Low Meat:  1
Meat:  8

(One day was mixed leftovers.)

Heavy on meat due to being on the Low Carb diet.  But better than a brand new wardrobe.  :)

Buying and Eating : June 1-9 and 26-30

We took a vacation in June and those food costs are in another category.  We have 14 days at $11.91/day for two people.  That gives us $166.74 for the month.  Our cushion is now at $ 699.07

What We Ate:
Macaroni and cheese with watermelon and green beans; baked potatoes, stuffing, green beans, bean salad,watermelon,;  Ibrahim potatoes, watermelon, bean salad, peas; kielbasa, baked beans watermelon, chips; BLT salad with bread; grilled pork chops, potato and mixed vegetable;  kielbasa on rolls with vegetarian split pea soup; three cheese pizza with onion and olive; Low carb sloppy Joes, vegetables ; marinated beef chunks with sauteed peppers, zucchini and cheese pancakes, fresh strawberries; spaghetti squash and meatballs with sauce; mixed berry chef salad;  Spaghetti squash carbonara; hotdogs, cheese and sauerkraut

What We Bought:

Commissary at Fort Mead:  iced coffee, popcorn, oatmeal, split peas (2), navy beans, pasta sauce (3), water chestnuts (2), spinach (2), beef bouillon, Apple cider vinegar, tuna (4), olives, frosting  $30.51

Country Fair:  XL eggs (5 doz) $3.64

We are back on the Low carb diet.

Aldi:  strawberries (2#), colored peppers (6), blackberries. $7.35

Aldi:  eggs (3), bleu cheese (2), sour cream, cream, cottage cheese, fresh broccoli, cucumber (2), spring mix, Roma tomatoes, almond milk, zucchini (3), fresh spinach, blueberries, cabbage, onions (3#), mushrooms (2)  $32.41

Save a Lot:  kale, hotdogs (3)  $5.96

Total:  $79.87

Eating Out: ( Of which we over excelled)

Lunch with family in D.C.  $35.95
Qdoba  $8.05
Lunch at Sam's Club  $ 4.23
Lunch at the Yacht Club  $ 24.29
Breakfast with Jim and Robin  $18

Total:  $90.52

Grand Total:  $170.39

Overage From Cushion:  $3.65 ( first overage this year)

New Cushion Amount:  $ 695.42