Sunday, June 26, 2016

Campobello and Old Sturbridge Village

We took a couple of side trips on our way home from Prince Edward Island.

The first was to Campobello Island, the summer home of the F.D. Roosevelt family.  Franklin spent all his summers here from the time he was one until he contracted polio as an adult.  Afterwards he spent less time here but always considered it one of his favorite places.  Eleanor continued to visit up to the summer before her death.

Here the family led a relaxed life of swimming, boating picnics and hikes in a home that reflected this casual lifestyle. F.D.R.'s children always looked back fondly on the time spent with their parents on the island. I can see why. The House feels like a true home, ready to have the family return at any moment .

We also visited Old Sturbridge Village, a living historical village of New England life in 1838.  I find it fascinating to see the many skills expected of a woman in that time period: General house keeping, drying foods, smoking foods, pickling foods, making cheese, making cloth, braiding hats, dying wool, sewing clothes, and the list goes on.  No problem sleeping at the end of the day.

I would love to try my hand at all of them but would hate to have my very life, and the lives of my family depend on my mastery of all these skills.  We might be in trouble.

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