Thursday, June 30, 2016

June's Simple Savings


So, how did we save this month without negatively affecting our lifestyle?

Here is a list of the little things we did that added up to some significant savings in June:

Cottage rent savings on Prince Edward Island because we vacationed there during the shoulder season
Taking advantage of the Marriott friends and family rate (our last opportunity to do so)
Redeeming two free nights of hotel stays ( one hotel was really posh )
Two free donuts on donut day
Lots of free e-books
Discounted groceries
Free pizza that came with a groupon
Less expensive gas by using Gas Buddy
Discounted tag items at Goodwill
Free hotel breakfasts
Arby's coupon discounts
Self catering while on vacation (a very conservative estimate)
Military discount
Earned free coffee at Starbucks

In the first half of this year our simple savings has totaled $7464.62 for an average per month savings of $1244.10.

I'll take it.

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