Saturday, October 5, 2013

Language and Driving Skills are Tested

Yesterday afternoon, after a Hurculean effort by Mike (he seems to work best under pressure :) ) we left behind Erie and headed to DC.  We were driving both cars since we hoped to sell my Honda to an interested father in Virginia. (Sale has now been completed. Yeah!)

I am not a willing big city driver. More than three lanes and my nerves begin to fray and my language skills lessen to just good old Anglo Saxon words of frustration.

Because we left later than planned we missed rush hour BUT we ended up having to drive I270 and the beltway after dark. Not good. Every lane change led to silent prayers and not so silent words of frustration since all the headlights merged into a mass and an accident seemed in the inevitable future. But, God protects those such as me and we made it safe and sound. After a small scotch and water all was again right with the world.

If I could handle yesterday's drive the canalboat holds no fear. There it is only two lanes and max speed of 4 mph. I was traveling a little faster than that last night when I would throw myself in front of traffic.

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