Saturday, October 12, 2013

Robin Hood Country

Today we went to Nottingham to look at more boats.  Unfortunately, we saw no sign of Maid Marion, Robin Hood or the famed Sheriff.

We did see more boats.  Our sales lady was Emma Shakespeare, no joke.

 Hopefully Mike will stop looking soon.  We need to just draw a line and make a decision. 

This is a man who buys houses quickly (twice after only looking at one house and once without my even seeing it). But now he can't seem to commit to a boat.  Soon Mike, please.

Tonight I made a traditional British dish: Bangers and Mash with onion gravy made with my homemade veggie broth.  It was very good comfort food.  I served it with a blackberry crisp made with our foraged blackberries.  It was the perfect ending to a comfort food meal.  Since it rained all day, comfort food was a must.

I also made banana bread to have for breakfast tomorrow.  Little Miss Domestic.  That's me.

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