Thursday, October 17, 2013

My Charity Shop (Mostly) Kitchen and Bedroom

On the seat of the couch are the majority of the items for my kitchen: plates, mugs, bowls,coffee/tea pot, glasses, liquid measuring cup, pots and pans, quiche pan, oven proof dishes, muffin pan, metal rack, grater, mixing bowl, cutting board, rolling pin, measuring cups, measuring spoons, potholders, dishcloths, wooden spoons, spatulas, silverware, etc. 

On the back of the couch are my two sets of linen for our bed.

In front are the items bought new: 4 pillows (just can't even dream of using used), a mattress protector (ditto), an imersion blender (no sign of one used) and my 2014 calendar with cute kittens for each month.

All of this for only 144.67 pounds sterling or approximately $231.48

I still need to get a cookie sheet, stove top pressure cooker, a toaster and, hopefully, a pizza pan (to me a rectangle pizza is not a real pizza :).  That, hopefully we be about another 50 pounds sterling or $85 dollars.

So, a total cost of about $306.48.  What do you think, did I do well?  It has been so long since I bought most of this stuff I really don't know.  Oh well, too late now.  It's all ours.

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