Sunday, October 6, 2013

The game is on

To me, beating the system has  always been a fun part of the game of saving money.  One of my favorite places to play this game is in the grocery store. I search for bargains and stock up  when I find them. By doing so I have managed to feed the two of us very

In England this will be a challenge since the conditions to be faced are very different.

First, I will no longer have a freezer to store my good buys.
Second, my frig will be about the size of a dorm frig so no extra storage there.
Third, even the stockpiling of shelf stable items will have to be kept to a minimum considering the overall space of the boat.
Fourth, food in England is more expensive than what I am used to spending.

However, I am determined to find the tricks that will let me beat the system there, too.
I will be keeping a record of the cost of food and using that to help me determine the costs of meals. My menus will be adjusted accordingly.
I will be exploring the supermarkets, local shops and other resources for food to discover what to by where.
And, I will be paying close attention to the locals and how they shop. I am sure there are tricks to be learned from them.

My first shop is just about 48 hours away. I will report back but I warn you, I will shamelessly blame jet lag if the final cost is outrageous.:-)

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