Saturday, November 30, 2013

Haggis, Chappit Neeps and Tatties

Today is St. Andrew's Day and since St. Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland it is a day of feasting and celebration.  The traditional menu for the St. Andrew's feast is Haggis, Chappit Neeps and Tatties and a dram.  Translated: haggis, mashed rutabaga and mashed potatoes with a shot (or three) of Scotch.

Now, I like to try regional foods and celebrate any holiday (heck I once threw a party to celebrate Millard Filmore's birthday) BUT traditional haggis is definitely not on my list of foods I must try before I die.  Do you know what is in traditional haggis?  (For the squeamish and weak of stomach move on to the next paragraph now.  I am warning you.)  Traditional haggis is made with what the Scots call lambs lights and we call lamb lungs.  Yep, you read that right.  The things in our chest that allow us to breath. And nope, I am not eating those.

I was pleased to find a blog that posted a recipe for Vegetarian Haggis (Mortgage Free in Three).  And since the lady is a Scot I figured it was traditional enough to count.  So, I will be making haggis for dinner tonight along with the Neeps and Tatties.  And, just to be traditional of course, a dram or so of Scotch.

Here's to Scotland and St. Andrew.

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