Friday, November 15, 2013

Third Time is a Charm, Again

Culinary magic has again been the need of the day here on the boat.  The little frig only has room for so many leftovers and then they must become makeovers to clear the space.

A few days ago I took some leftover mushu veggies, some leftover peas and corn, some unused pasta sauce and chopped tomato and combined them to make a veggie soup that I used the immersion blender to make smooth.  With some homemade croutons that used to be garlic cheese toast we has lunch.

I had made some cauliflower with cheese sauce earlier and I used the immersion blender to smooth it out and then thinned it out with some canned ale to make a pseudo beer and cheese soup.  The leftover of that soup were transformed into mac and cheese for dinner.  As always a great comfort food on a cool evening.

For dinner one night I had made kedigree, an Anglo-Indian rice, curry and smoked fish dish that was served for breakfast during Victorian and Edwardian days. I under did the curry so I was able to take the leftovers and turn them into a pseudo paella with some added turmeric (one of the ingredients in curry), peas, chicken, ham and homemade sausage.  It was quite good if I do say so myself.

Last night I took the last of the tomato soup and used it to make a pizza that I topped with some leftover homemade gnocchi pieces, spinach Alfredo sauce made to go with the gnocchi originally, mushrooms, leeks pepperoni and a combo of mozzarella and feta cheese.  Anything tastes good on a pizza. :)

Now, time to restock the freezer for the next round of third time's a charm.

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