Wednesday, November 13, 2013

7 Locks in One Hour and Still Kicking, Timex Has Nothing On Me!

On Sunday we did a flight of seven locks in just about an hour.  I opened and closed all seven of those locks, front and back "doors".  I was proud to have been able to do this.

But, as I was taught, pride goeth before the fall.  Yesterday we did a flight of 6 locks.  These locks were a horse of a different color.  We are currently on the Grand Union canal.  This canal links Birmingham, Leicester and Nottingham with London.  It was a major trade thoroughfare.  It is also the one with the widest canals and locks.  Because they are the widest locks, the "doors" are also the heaviest.  And boy are they heavy.  They need to be to withstand the pressure of the added water in the canal.  Think in terms of 2000 pounds!

I managed the first couple by myself but it was heavy labor.  For the other four Mike had to tie the boat once it was inside the lock or once it was through the lock and then come and help me with the opening and closing.  Thank heavens he did or I would have run out of strength and steam before the last of the locks.  As it was, I was elated once we had finished our 6th lock.  Really elated.

My body was not so happy.  Opening and closing puts a lot of strain on knees, arms, shoulders and back.  All of them were telling me of their unhappiness in no uncertain terms. :)

But, this morning (although I worried) I am able to walk without stiffness and the pain level is very minor.  I guess the old girl still has some life in her after all.  That's one for our side.

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