Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Belated Happy Guy Fawkes Day

 On the night of November 5, 1605 the now immortalized Guy Fawkes, a member of a plot to blow up the House of Lords, was arrested while guarding the explosives the plotters had but in place beneath that hallowed chamber. 
In celebration, bonfires were lit all around London and later the Observance of 5th November Act marked the anniversary as a public day of celebration for the failure of the plot (the Act was later repealed in 1859).
Now, Guy Fawkes Day is a social celebration and commemoration with bonfires and fireworks across the length and breadth of England, and even along the usually serene and quiet canal paths.  Small campfires are often seen as people sit around and visit but on this night fireworks are also to be heard.
And, as with all celebrations of this sort, the leftover fireworks can be heard for a few nights after the actual day.  It's always hard to admit a good party is over. :)

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