Friday, November 15, 2013

The Volume Has Been Lowered

Today Mike and I heard a raised voice as one workman tried to talk with his coworker who was a distance away.  It shocked us both.  Why?  Because it was the FIRST raised voice of any sort we have heard here.  Anywhere.  Now, I am sure that voices are raised here.  But they are not something heard often.

We have been in stores, in pubs, in restaurants, on city streets and all the voices we have heard have been on the quiet side.  Kids are not running helter skelter and verbally communicating at full volume.  Parents have not been reprimanding their children at the tops of their voice.

Goups in pubs sit and enjoy their pints and talk normally, if not quietly, with each other.  The loudest thing you might hear is their laughter, unless of course, there is a game of football or cricket on the pub's telly and the home team is winning.  Then the cheers WILL ring out.

You can sit in places or walk the aisles of the stores and not have to listen to the "private" cell phone conversations of total strangers.

There is a word for this besides refreshing.  It is civilized.

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