Friday, November 22, 2013

Lunch at Gongoozlers Rest

At Braunston Marina  the Gongoozlers Rest Cafe can be found, directly off the tow path on the Grand Union Canal outside the 'Stop House', just under the bridge.


It is a 12 seat narrow boat caf√© conversion of a 41 foot long narrow boat.  The kitchen part is found in the taller section at the back of the boat. We went there for lunch and had some basic but excellent food.  I had a bacon butty and Mike had a sausage butty.  A butty is a sandwich on a crusty roll or baguette.  The bread was crusty and warm and the bacon (their style, not ours) was generous and very flavorful.  I would go there again in a heartbeat but unfortunately we are now heading in the opposite direction.  Oh well, a good memory and new places to find. :)

And a Gongoozler is a person who enjoys standing and watching (without actively participating in) an a person who enjoys watching activity on the canals

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