Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Day on the Canal

I am surprised at how many flocks of sheep we see as we cruise down the canal.  There are woolies everywhere. And the boats don't disturb them at all.
No sign of man for miles.  Just lush green fields and trees.  You can't help but relax.

Sometimes you see signs of civilization but only in the distance.  And what you do see is still quite pleasing to the eye.
Wonder why this little woolie is all alone?  Maybe his friends are over on the other side of that rise.
Occasionally there are tunnels to go through like the one whose opening you see ahead.  It is sobering to think of the time and effort that went into building these about 200 years ago.
This is the inside of the tunnel.  Not much clearance to the sides or overhead.  Before boats had motors the crew used to lie on the top of the boat and "walk" the boat through with their feet.  I can only imagine how long that took.
Here's the boat about to exit a lock.  I am on shore opening the gates, one side at a time.
I love these bridges built to carry traffic over the canals.  Quite often they frame a gorgeous view.
Some of the ducks we share the canal with.  They are quite "talkative".
This larger bridge is at a canal intersection where you can turn and head in a new direction.
And here is the signpost at the same intersection, opposite the bridge.  Each arm of the sign has the name of a city on it so you know which way to turn.
It was a sunny day so these boaters were doing laundry and taking advantage of the sun to generate some solar power.  Almost all the boats, our included, have solar panels.
This is an ornate bridge at one of the canal intersections.  The two side bridges are metal and are the originals ones.  They have aged well.
The canal is also home to many swans.  They have figured out that boaters are good for a handout so they come right over expecting to be fed.
That's my "Grizzly Adams" getting ready to do some chores.
Periodically along the canal are places like this where you can fill your water tank for free, get rid of your trash and empty the cassette from the toilet.  Important places.

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