Friday, November 1, 2013

Beef cooked in Ale

was on the menu.  I used half of my sale purchased stewing beef along with some of our foraged mushrooms, onions and garlic to cook it and made a wonderful gravy.  This was served with mashed turnips and carrots (surprisingly good) and fried cabbage with crab apples and onions.  Pudding (dessert) was crab apple crisp.

What were we celebrating?  Our first night on the boat!

We are still finding homes for a few things, hence the lack of pics until things look neater, if ever. :)
We had our first fire in the solid fuel stove (still working out its kinks) since the hard storm over the weekend has cooled things off.
We are also listening to the music CDs we brought as we work.  Very homey.

So far we have not run out of room to put things which I count as a blessing.

Today we are heading into Rugby to look into a water filtering system since I am squeamish about drinking water that sits in a tank where things have been known to grow.  It will cost but much less than all the bottled water we would otherwise need. :)

I also need a dish drainer, dish pan, garbage bags, etc.

Rugby also has some grocery stores I haven't visited that I would like to: Sainsburys, Lidl and Morrisons.  I am trying to determine where I would best like to shop and who has the best offers (sales) and reduced racks.
So far, all I have determined is that Aldi is not my choice over here.  A very disorganized set up with a poor selection and prices that can be matched or beat elsewhere.  There US stores are much better.

We are having some minor work done on the boat (capping off a diesel line, etc.) and once that is done we will be setting out to explore England.  It's moving closer and closer.

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