Tuesday, November 26, 2013

2 Degrees Celcius

I am not sure what that is in "normal" degrees besides darn cold but that's close enough for me.  That was our INDOOR temp when I got up this morning.  You can bet my first task was to build up the fire and get some heat into the joint. :)  I am getting rather proficient at this task.  Practice makes perfect I guess.  Well it is now an hour later and we are up to 9 degrees inside, simply tropical. :)

The canal had a thin skim of ice on it this morning and when other boats pass it breaks up the ice and makes it sound like you are inside a martini glass that is being "stirred, not shaken".  It's a neat sensation.

Frost can be seen on the field next to the canal but it will soon be gone because the sun is shining down from beautiful blue skies.  It may be a chilly day  ( the high is projected to be 3) but it will be beautiful.

Today I am cooking a butternut squash to use to make my "pumpkin" pie for tomorrow.  I also have to get our little chicken out to defrost.  No self respecting non anorexic turkey would fit into my tiny oven.  But, we would drown in the leftovers of a turkey so it all works out. :)

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