Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Food Prices of the Past and Present

  The chart to the right shows how food costs haven risen in the UK in recent years on most items.
Since 1999 prices have, overall, doubled.  People here are really feeling the pressure of these higher prices along with electricity rates that rose by 10% this fall, a new tax that just went into effect and the general economic downtrend of the last five years.

More people are eating a generally vegetarian diet to cut costs.  Many people talk of heating their homes for only 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the evening.  Extra layers and hats indoors have become popular.

But, despite all this the people just keep finding a way to go on with a smile on their faces.  The smile may be wearing thin but it is still there.  They keep looking for ways to make a pence go farther:  new recipes, different places to shop, growing their own, eating less, knitting hand warmers to wear inside, making sweaters and neck scarves.  The list goes on.

People in the US are doing the same and often for very similar reasons.  But there is something about the human spirit.  It is so resilient.  People just keep going, doing their best, and waiting for a brighter tomorrow.

Makes you proud, doesn't it.

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