Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I Spent WHAT!

273.80 pounds sterling or about $438.00 dollars! for food in the month of November (it is not officially over but I am closing the month before my heart gives out).  YIKES!

OK, how did that happen? 

1.  At the beginning of the month we took a trip to an American Air Force Commissary at RAF Croughton where I stocked up on some things that I hadn't found here yet or that were cheaper there.  I think I went a little crazy there buying over 100 pounds sterling of items! WOW

But we now have squirreled away some lasagna noodles, some macaroni, maraschino cherries (some were used in Grandma's Christmas Cake), corn meal, dates (for holiday baking), raisins (for holiday baking), cranberry sauce, figs (for holiday baking), pepperoni, and some on sale pork loan, chuck roast, hamburger and pork belly (for more bacon).

2.  We have also been lucky enough to have been cruising in places where we can moor and walk to a larger and less expensive grocery store rather than depend on the little canal side shops which are wonderful but, as you would expect, pricy.  I have also discovered that if you go in late afternoon or early evening they are discounting items from the deli and butcher counter.  These tended to call my name rather a little too often it seems.

From the deli I have found ham ( a lot), roast beef, pate, and sliced corned beef.
For cheese, I saved on red Leicester, Gloucester, brie, bleu cheese, feta cheese. Jarlsberg and Stilton.
From the butcher I scored a nice (although small) beef roast for Christmas, my little Chicken for Thanksgiving, some pork tenderloin medallions for New Year's Day and minced lamb .

And, in the take away section Tesco sells already made Starbucks skinny lattes that I can bring home and enjoy at my leisure. For those of you familiar with my addiction you KNOW I have been overdoing those big time.

I guess nothing makes me overspend the budget better than a good reduced price deal. :)

But now it HAS to stop for awhile.  My little freezer is so crammed that I am not sure you could squeeze another slice of reduced price ham into it. :)
I may not be able to control my bargain loving self but I will listen to the reality of NO MORE SPACE, at least until I use some things up and create more space.  :)
Once the stockpiling bug has bit you the disease never goes away I guess.

But, here's a thought, with the weather getting colder maybe I could turn part of the bow into a walk in cooler for cheeses, lattes and such.  What do you think?

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