Monday, March 16, 2015

Your Easter Ham

Easter is just around the corner and to me that signals sale prices on hams.  However, this year the sales do not appear to be as good as in prior years.  I like to find the hams at under $1 per pound but this year the average US price is reported to be $1.28/lb and the UK price is about $3.50 per pound.  So, you buy a five pound ham and pay $6.40.  Now, to squeeze all the value from that money spent.

Boil the ham until heated through in water to cover.  Remove from the water and roast in the oven until the skin is crispy.  Pre-boiling means the ham won't be all dried out after roasting AND you get some broth to make soup.  Win,win.
  1. Serve the ham (1/4 pound per person) with all your wonderful sides for Easter.  Used 1 lb.
  2. Fried Potatoes with onion and ham served with sliced hard boiled eggs (Easter Bunny eggs) in a mustard cream sauce with a green veg.  Use 1/4 pound.
  3. Ham and Swiss sandwiches.  Use 1/2 pound
  4. Scalloped or Au gratin potatoes with ham and appropriate sides.  Use 1/2 pound.
  5. Ham and cheese quiche with sides.  Use 1/4 pound.
  6. Spaghett with ham and peas in a white cheese sauce.  Use 1/2 pound
  7. Cheesy cauliflower with ham.  Use 1/2 pound
  8. Ham and cheese omelettes  Use 1/4 pound
  9. Split pea or navybean and ham soup (or both) using the broth created from pre-boiling the ham before roasting.  Use 1/2 pound ham.
  10. Ham salad sandwiches  Use 1/2 pound ham. (If you are short on the ham cooked hotdogs can be ground up and added to the mix to stretch the ham and the taste is still good.)
Forty servings from a 5 pound ham at  about $.16 per serving for the meat.  Yep, some of it is there more for flavor than substance but we eat with our taste buds, remember.  And, from some of the above you might have a leftover or two for lunch for someone in the family.  A bonus.

Also, if you bought a ham with a bone in remember to use that bone, once all the easy meat has been removed, to make more stock for soup.  Also remember to pick the now loosened remaining meat from the bone to add to that soup.  You could have a few more lunches or dinners that way.  Waste not, want not.

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