Tuesday, March 24, 2015

I Almost Started A Life of Crime

When you are moored along the tow path and the big window in the kitchen is open you get to interact with a variety of people and animals. 

I have had swans, ducks and geese come up to the window to be fed (smart!).  I have had dogs try to come onto the boat because they smell something yummy cooking. But Sunday was a first:  I had a little girl who desperately wanted to come onto the boat. 

Sarah is a cute little curly haired three year old with killer blue eyes and the fairest of fair complexions.  Her little outfit of lilac and cream striped leggings and a cream sweater with lavender flowers embroidered on the bodice was just perfect for her.  She tugged at any and all grandma heart strings available. 

As she rode her scooter past the first time I said Hi to her and her family and she said Hi back.  But then she noticed where I was:  In a perfect little doll house where I was obviously playing house and she wanted to play, too. 

She came over to give me hugs and kisses and then asked if she could come in.  If only.

Unfortunately I had to say no and she continued with her Sunday constitutional with her family. 

On their way back they had to pass the boat again and she made a direct bee line for me and wanted more hugs and kisses and again wanted to come in and have fun playing house with me. 

I was so tempted to kidnap her and start my life of crime.  If only my get away vehicle went faster than 4MPH. 

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