Thursday, March 5, 2015

Frugal Things

Today's Frugal Things

  1. Made a batch of vegie chili using dried black and pinto beans and soy protein.  Tonight, it was chili spaghetti; then burritos; then taco pizza; then, if we still have some, huevos rancheros.  All for about less than $10 for all above named meals.
  2. A decision to spend the remaining days of lent eating wholly vegetarian.
  3. Purchasing RTC zucchini, cauliflower, two packages of mixed root veg, two packages of mushrooms, a loaf of wheat bread and a dozen soft rolls.
  4. Purchase of 50% off cereal, for snacking.
  5. Purchase of sale butter, plums and broccoli.
There are very few ways to save large amounts of money, especially on a daily basis.  BUT, there are very many, in fact countless ways to save a small amount of money every day.  And when you add these small amounts up, they make up one LARGE amount of money. And that, that helps keep the pot of money for retirement from growing too small too soon. 

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