Monday, March 9, 2015

Those Comfortable Old Slippers, So To Speak

Mike and I are literally over 4000 miles from home these days.  And we are loving our adventure and feel  grateful that we get to be here.  However, I have discovered that no matter how far away we are in miles we can only go so far in relation to other parts of our lives.

When we first got here I subscribed to a number of  British food blogs and searched the internet for new to me British recipes.  My goal was to find some inexpensive and tasty foods for us to enjoy (food here is expensive) and to immerse us in the culinary aspects of British foods.

And, to some degree that plan was successful.  I have found some wonderful ways to stretch mince (ground beef), to cook root veg (we especially like mashed root veg), to enjoy rice (risottos of many variations) and many more that do not immediately come to mind ( at 60 the memory is not what is used to be :-).  We have learned to enjoy chutney and Branston pickle and beans on toast (really quite good).  Scones are a regular on our breakfast menu and other baked goodies like countless tray bakes (bar cookies) are now part of our normal cycle of foods to enjoy.

However, on days that demand a quick meal or some comfort food, my mind immediately goes to the recipes and foods I grew up with.  Macaroni and cheese made Grandma's way, sloppy joes, tacos, homemade pizza, Aunt Joyce's chicken salad, and Aunt Evelyn's hotdog and sauerkraut casserole will then be found gracing our table. 

Our newer found foods, I guess,  have not yet been around long enough to become like comfortable old shoes.  Maybe some day.  But for now, when those comfortable slippers are needed we still head home, no matter how far away we are in miles.

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