Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Spring Cacophony Has Begun

I had not realized how quiet the winter months on the canal were until the sounds of spring began.  The ducks are back to talking non-stop to each other and to the boaters requesting, no demanding, breakfast or lunch or dinner or a snack or all of the above.

The magpies seem to be swarming around the fields and canals and loudly declaring their presence to everyone in a one mile radius.  I would never have believed how LOUD they could be if I had not heard it for myself.

The song birds are back adding their melodious notes to the scene (if the ducks and magpies will be quiet long enough for you to hear them).  I love these little birds.  How such tiny things can create such beautiful music is truly a God given gift.

And the swans.  Well they are mute but as you watch them regally and serenely glide down the water way you know that if they had a voice it would be a regal one.

How wonderful to watch and hear the long sleeping world wake up from its winter rest and be reborn in spring.  A yearly miracle.

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