Saturday, March 14, 2015


The fields are full of broad a beam ewes awaiting their time to give birth in what I like to think of as "the maternity ward."  

Their sides are just bulging with little lambs anxious to make their way into the world. 

The ewes are at that awkward stage of pregnancy where their gait has been affected and it is somewhat amusing to watch them walk around the fields.  But, not to them I am sure.

Here one little guy or gal has made her way into the world.  But it can be a scary place so we just stay close to mom. 

Today is a little windy and cold, Mom.  Can I snuggle with you and get warm?

Ahh, the milk bar.  Nothing like a nice drink of warm milk on a chilly day.

Now if only the rest of the little ones would get here.  Then the meadows are so much fun to look at.  Come on babies, we're waiting.

 From woolies to woodlands along the canal.  I love how you can see straight through them this time of year.

And the fields are sooo green for March.  Even though the trees are not yet in leaf the greenness of the grass gives the feeling of spring.

 And spring is what we need before we burn all our wood in the mornings and evenings to "get the chill off."

 Quite a bit of what you see has now turned into ash.

 See that big log?  That was from the tree branch we found down in a field at the top of the Bingley Five Rise.  It was a victim of LAST spring and winter's wind storms.  A large amount of the wood we have burned recently came from it.

Keep your fingers crossed we can keep part of this to give us a start for next year.  Yep, Mike says there will be a next year in case you were curious.

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