Friday, March 20, 2015

Easy Come, Easy Go

Yesterday Mike and I walked into the little and beautiful village of Graves.  I just LOVE all the buildings made of local stone, both the older ones and the newer ones.  They make such a cohesive whole and are so pleasing to the eye how they all blend and don't jar on the senses.

While there we picked up a few items at the local Cooperative Grocery Store.  Here is most of what we bought (excluding the UHT milk that was normal priced but needed non the less):

  • OJ £1 each or 2 for £1.50        saved 50 pence
  • Biscuits (cookies) 55 pence each or 2 for £1.00 (these were a gift for the lock keepers who delivered a wheel barrow of wood to the boat from some trimming that had been done)       saved 10 pence
  • Beef Stock Pots were £1 each(4/pack) RTC to 2 for £1       saved £1
  • Carrots (one pound) was 45 pence RTC to 29 pence        saved 16pence
  • Bread from in store bakery was £1.39 RTC to £1         saved 39 pence
  • Small Hard Rolls from in store bakery were £1 RTC to 50 pence      saved 50 pence
  • Fresh Green Beans were £1.30 RTC to 69 pence         saved 61 pence
  • Romaine Lettuce was £1.40 RTC to 69 pence          saved 71 pence
  • Fresh Chinese pea pods were £1.85 RTC to 89 pence        saved 96 pence
Total saved:  £4.93 in less than 15 minutes, and in only about 5 minutes more than shopping without looking through the RTC items would have taken me.  Result:  EITHER I earned about £20 per hour if you use the 15 minutes the total shop took, or I earned £50 per hour by taking that extra 5 minutes.  EITHER WAY my budget wins.

Except, we then took that saved money (in effect) and went to a local coffee shop and bought a latte with it.  Oh well, easy come easy spent. :-)

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