Friday, March 6, 2015

Spring is Springing Up

Image result for english spring flowers images      Image result for english spring flowers images
Image result for english spring flowers images     Image result for english spring flowers images               

The days are now lighter, brighter and more beautiful here in England due to the longer days and the lovely spring flowers that are appearing everywhere.  After the dark and drabness of winter (a necessary time of rest for nature, I know) they are especially welcomed and enjoyed.

It is warming up here, too.  The last couple of mornings it has been about 9 degrees Celsius here in the boat.  That is a heat wave after our previous weeks of 0 degree mornings.  And, the stove does not have to work as hard to keep us warm and comfortable now.  Lovely.

My knees are "talking" to me loudly.  I think I made them unhappy with the trip to and from the grocery store yesterday.  Since I can't take anti inflammatories I will just have to baby them today until they stop being angry.

Dinner tonight will be homemade cream of mushroom soup using some of the mushrooms bought yesterday and tuna and cheese sandwiches on a baguette (think grilled cheese married to a tuna sandwich).  I may or may not make cookies for pudding.

Happy Friday to everyone.

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