Thursday, March 19, 2015

That Eureka Moment

Today as I was reading one of my favorite blogs "The Non-Consumer Advocate" as she was talking about taking her son to a local thrift store to get a new to him mouse (of the computer variety) since his had died.  And, I mentioned to Mike that I had not thought of doing that but it was timely since the computer mouse for his computer is dying a slow and painful death as we speak.

That "why didn't I think of that" moment is why I have been writing some of the posts recently.  No matter how good we are or aren't at saving money, reducing our carbon footprint, etc. we all need to learn new things , be reminded of things we knew once but forgot, or be made to look at things from a new angle so as to see new possibilities.  Or at least I do.

So, here are some things I have done recently to help keep the retirement coffers full since I don't want to stop traveling here and there anytime soon:
  • I bought inexpensive shower caps at the dollar/pound store and use them to cover bowls and plates of leftovers to go into the fridge.  This morning I washed one I had used and hung it to dry to be used again.  This is especially important since it is plastic and I want to thoroughly use it up before I throw it out.
  • The crumbs from a finished box of shredded wheat went into a container instead of into the garbage and will be saved to use in a recipe calling for bread crumbs.
  • The wax paper like cereal bag was rinsed out and hung to dry.  It will later be used to hold muffins or cookies or such. Or, I can use it when I want to pound meat into thinner and seemingly larger pieces.
  • While walking along the canal path yesterday I found several places where the people from canal and river trust had previously pruned trees that overhung the canal.  Several of the resulting stove sized logs continued down the path with me to be used in our stove to warm us up in the mornings.  Later, I went back to the closest pile and gathered some more.  Each log means less coal we might need to buy as our winter fuel supply dwindles.
  • One of the local canal and river trust staff observed my fuel gathering and later dropped off a bigger log to add to the pile.  Nice.
  • I crocheted myself a winter hat out of the bits and pieces of yarn leftover from other projects.  It was fun figuring out the free form "pattern" to blend them all and nice to see the bits find a useful home.
  • I didn't like last years summer slipcovers for the furniture cushions (too drab) so I re-donated the sheets and purchased some curtains from the charity shop (£8) to make new ones.  The new to me material has a creamy yellow background with a pale flower pattern that should be cheery.
  • Breakfast was cut up leftover pirogi casserole, some onions, mushrooms and sweet peppers all mixed with egg.  A tasty and frugal breakfast using up the last of a frugal dinner.
As my family used to kid me, all of these different things might have saved me a dime or so. :-)  But, slow and steady wins the race both for my budget and for Mother Earth.

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