Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Birds Flying Backwards

Yesterday was a BEAUTIFUL spring day here.  The spring flowers are popping rapidly from the ground and from our flower boxes on the roof of the boat.  Currently our yellow crocuses are adding their own brand of spring sunshine while we wait for the purple and the daffodils.  We also discovered that the parsley and chives planted last year have wintered over and are now regrowing.  I love volunteer plants.

We took advantage of the wonderful weather to begin our journey from Cross Flats towards Skipton.  We went through six swing bridges during the day but no locks.  I started conversations with some locals as I was waiting for Mike to bring the boat through so I could close the swing bridge.  I am constantly amazed at how friendly, nice and helpful the people here.  One woman my age even helped me open a bridge that was a little less than compliant.

For the night we moored along the canal overlooking a beautiful golf course (too bad Mike didn't bring his sticks or he could have played a few holes), and opposite some beautiful woods that reminded me of the Pennsylvania woodlands of my childhood.  If I closed my eyes I could have been back touring the Gettysburg battle fields.

As we went down the canal we observed a few nests along the side, in very safe locations, with soon to be momma ducks sitting there and waiting for their offspring to peck through the egg shells. Others are still waiting to have the urge/need to sit on a nest.  But, soon there will be lines of little ducklings following momma down the canal.  I can hardly wait.

Today was the EXACT opposite of yesterday:  windy, cold, rainy, dreary and then some.  This required the donning of my wet weather gear.  It works beautifully, but it is a very bright red.  When I am wearing them I feel like a glow in the dark fire engine.

Today we saw very newborn lambs huddled against stone walls or their mommas but still VERY cute.  I bet they really enjoyed yesterday much more than today.  Who wouldn't love sun versus windy, wet and cold?

We also saw something that one, for sure, would not seen often.  I watched quite a few birds trying to fly left but ending up flying right due to the force of the wind pushing against them.  I felt sorry for them but must admit that I laughed, too.

We only did two swing bridges today  but they were doozies! Either the strong winds made opening them VERY difficult or closing them more than I could handle.  That was one TOUGH and STRONG wind.  But, the good side is that if the bridge was hard to close, it was usually easy to open, and vise a verso.

There is always a silver lining if you look close enough.


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