Sunday, March 15, 2015

Magical Mince

One pound of mince, or what the Americans called ground beef averages $4.25  (in the UK the average is $6 per pound) these days.  I can remember when it was easy to buy it for under $1 per pound.  Wow!  I guess I really old if I can remember that far back.  What a difference.  Over four times as much and climbing!

So, what would I do with that pound of ground meat so that I could eat good meals for a week?

First, I would make a LARGE pot of chili with beans, lots of beans and my one pound of ground beef (I often add extra beef stock from the freezer if \I have it or create some with a stock cube or stock pot to give the chili a meatier taste).  That chili with cornbread would be my first meal.

Then, I would drain some of the meat and beans from the liquid of the chili and mash the beans and the meat together.  Add some onion, tomato, lettuce, cheese and sour cream and put in a tortilla and you have some good burritos for your second meal.  Or, you could make soft or crunchy tacos with the same mixture.  Any of them would be delicious.

Now, take some more of the meat and beans (sans the liquid) and spoon them over tortilla chips.  Top with cheese and sour cream and guacamole and you have wonderful nachos for your third meal.

More of the meat and beans can be used, with a little bit of the liquid, to make a mashed mixture to put on a pizza crust and top with onions, olives and cheese and create a taco pizza.  Meal four.

Now, some of that extra chili flavored liquid you have, put some into a dish and heat it until simmering.  Crack some eggs over the liquid and top with cheese.  Bake until the eggs are cooked and the cheese is melted.  Presto:  huevos rancheros for meal number five.

Some of the remaining beans and meat and liquid can be served over spaghetti with onions and cheese on top to make meal number six.  Or, if you prefer, you could use the beans and meat and a small amount of liquid to put over salad greens with cheese and taco chips to create a taco salad.  Either are yummy.

Whatever beans and meat and liquid remain can be mixed with some corn, onion, olives and broken up tortilla chips to make tortilla soup and you have meal seven.

Seven meals using $4.25 worth of meat.  Not bad, right?

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