Sunday, March 15, 2015

Where's the Beef? On Your Plate, Maybe.

A beef roast, such as chuck or round, costs on the average $6 per pound in the US and about $9 per pound in the UK.  Five pounds of roast would be about $30 in the US.  Thirty dollars of meat should stretch for more than one meal for your family of four, right?  How about at least 8 meals?

First, cook the roast, long and slowly to make the meat tender, with some carrots, onions, potatoes and then slice thinly and serve a few slices (about 1/4 pound per person) to your family and save the rest for meals later that week or month.  If there are any pan drippings you can use these to make gravy.  Used 1 pound.

On day two take some of that meat, slice it into thin strips and marinate it in an oriental mix and then stir fry with lots of veg and serve over rice.  Used 1/2 pound.

Chunk up some of the remaining roast into cubes and turn it into a quick beef stroganoff to serve over noodles.  Used 3/4 of a pound.

Cut some more of the meat into cubes and add root  ( if you have any left over from the original roast you can use them here) and beer and cook long and slow until all is tender.  Serve over mashed potatoes.  Used  1/2 pound.   Or, you could do the same thing only substituting red wine for the Guinness and serve over noodles.

Use some bits and pieces of meat, plus some vegetables to create some wonderful beef fried rice (if you have any left overs from the stir fry you can use them up here).  Used 1/4 of a pound.  To add to the beefy taste, cook the rice in beef stock either homemade or from stock cubes.

Use another portion of bits and pieces with some mushrooms, onions, peppers and cheese to make a Philly cheese steak pizza.  Used 1/4 pound.

Use some other chunks or pieces and some mixed veg and herbs, etc. to make beef vegetable soup.  Use a stock cube to enhance the flavor.  Used 1/2 pound.

If you have any gravy or meat pieces left over why not make some hot roast beef sandwiches to serve with mashed potatoes and a veg or two.

So there, at least 8 meals for four people, 32 servings (and maybe some lunches or an extra dinner) for an average meat cost of  $.93 per serving.  That's pretty affordable these days isn't it?

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