Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Plan B

Plan A was that we would leave Liverpool on Monday and head towards the Ribble Link of the Lancaster Canal where we had booked time on the link.
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Unfortunately, due to an emergency need for maintenance the Ribble was closed at the end of last week and will not reopen until the end of August at the earliest.  That is too late for us, so no Ribble.

We now have some unplanned time on our hands.  So, it was back to the drawing board to decide "What's next."

We were lucky enough to receive permission to remain in Liverpool until Sunday so we get a chance to see even more of what we are discovering is a wonderful city filled with humor filled citizens.  Not a bad place to have to spend an extra week.  Not at all.

On Sunday we will head back towards Wiggin.  Luckily, before we again have to do the infamous Wiggin Locks we will take a side turn and begin our journey towards Manchester on the Macclesfield Canal.

I already know the Macclesfield and I are going to become great friends.  How do I know this you ask.
The Macclesfield is a cut and fill canal.

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Besides a stop lock at the beginning and a flight of 12 locks at Bosley the Macclesfield is lock free!  Right now those are beautiful words.

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Bring on the Macclesfield and Manchester.

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