Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Scouse, Laver and the Liver Bird

Scouse is a Liverpudlian (a fun alteration of Liverpool to Liverpuddle) version of stew containing beef, carrots and potatoes.  When times are tough, it is heavy on the carrots and potatoes. When times are good, it has a little more meat.  During the very challenging times the meat disappears completely and a version called Blind Scouse appears on the table.

So popular is this stew, and so synonymous with the city of Liverpool, that the residents are known colloquially as Scousers and their accent and dialect as scouse.  One basic word, three uses.

Liverpool got its name from the "laver"  or seaweed that was everywhere along the shore and in the city's "puddle" or small bay.  When you combine laver and pool the name of Liverpool is only a few mispronunciations away. 

The strange and mythical Liver Bird is the widely recognized symbol of the city.  The bird is a strange conglomeration of an eagle and cormorant and has a piece of seaweed in its beak.

Two very large stone Liver Birds reside atop the Liver Building, one looking out to sea and the other towards the city center.  Thus the two important areas of the city's economy are always being guarded.

Fun trivia about a fun city.

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